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According to statistics, nearly 40% of UK population will be 50+ by 2029. Interestingly, most baby boomers will stay active and live independently. However, as they age, they start depending on others to manage their personal care and house maintenance. For the first few weeks and even months, their children and other family members help them with regular and necessary activities. However, when it comes to long-term care, local support at home in Epsom is the best solution to look for.

Why do people need elderly care?

The needs for elderly home care can be felt at any point in one’s sunset years. These needs can be triggered by accidents, injuries, debilitating illness (arthritis, dementia etc) or just because they cannot cope without someone’s help.

Importance of Assessment

If your parents or relatives need elderly home care, you should make efforts to assess their needs for such support and service. Elderly home care duties are carried out by trained professionals, who either work independently or are associated with a home care agency.

Advantages of In-House Care

It is not that local support at home in Epsom is the only choice for the elderly people but definitely the best solution for them. Old age care centres are also mushrooming all over the UK but the level of comfort and care received through local support at home has no match. The best part of home care for seniors is they receive assistance and attention right in their comfort zone and within familiar ambience.

With someone’s help, your parents will be able to retain their independence. They can see and talk to their children and grandchildren every day, which is less likely, had they moved into an old age home. They can even meet their friends, relatives and visit their houses if they wish so. In a word, home care support enables the seniors to live life like a free bird.

By allowing a professional caregiver into your house to take care of your ageing parents, you also feel relaxed that someone is at their service when you are not with them. Furthermore, if you are not living miles away from your parents, you will also get to monitor the quality of care and support received by them.

Important Considerations

Before going with local support at home in Epsom for your loved ones, it is important to make some arrangements. Whether your parents choose live-in care support or need someone for a few hours’ stay, you should make sure that everything is in order so that the caregiver does not need to look here and there for every single item.

If the caregiver needs to prepare meals, everything should be in place; otherwise, a lot of time will be wasted on finding out the necessary kitchen tools and appliances. If your parents take regular medicines, hand over the prescription to the caregiver and explain when to give reminders so that no medication is missed even for a single day.

Inform the caregiver about the types of food preferred by your parents or if they have any special habits. All these details will help the professional prepare a chart and deliver service accordingly.

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