Local Home Care Provider Ewell

Local Home Care Provider Ewell

You and your parents are miles apart from each other. Your parents are now living a lonely life at their apartment. They have now reached a point where they are no longer able to care for themselves just like they used to do a few years ago. They now badly need some help to maintain their home and even perform their regular activities. But they are reluctant to move into a nursing care facility. Why don’t you go with a better alternative – a reputed local home care provider in Ewell?

Home Care Service – A New Trend in Elderly Care

Hiring a professional caregiver is a new and popular trend. The caregivers provider elder care service right at their own home. Some caregivers are specially trained to provide medical aides and care to those with physical or mental disability, serious illness or individuals recovering from a surgery. The in-house caregivers assist individuals with cleaning, shopping, laundry and many other works that people like your parents are not able to do without someone’s assistance.

What In-House Caregivers Do?

Take a look at what the caregivers deliver to meet varying needs of senior citizens. Truly speaking, a wider range of caregiving services is provided to assist the seniors with housekeeping woks, medical support, personal care and companionship. Take a look at what they can do and deliver to care for your parents and make them happy.

Personal Care Services: This service refers to personal grooming, including bathing, eating, toileting and dressing.

Homemaker Care: The phrase says it all! A trained and trustworthy stranger comes into your house to take care of all the household duties. They maintain your house just like a close family member. It means doing anything from light housekeeping, changing the bed to the laundry and grocery shopping.

Meal Services: The local home care provider in Ewell, who provides meal services, prepares the menus, buys food and cooks. Such service is provided daily or according to needs. It’s the responsibility of the caregivers to prepare healthy and tasty meals for the elderly persons.

Home Health Care: It involves care and support for those who require simple medical care at their home. These services include making appointments with the physicians, dividing regular medicine does, ensuring that persons take their prescribed doses etc. Such service is also extended to provide temporary care to someone, who has sprained his leg or broken his limb or has been recently released from the nursing home. 

The in-house health care service providers also change dressings or checking vital symptoms to report to the doctor.

Skilled Health Care: This type of in-house elderly care service is provided by the highly trained caregivers. They might be an RN or LPN type of therapist. These caregivers provide the kind of care service received only at hospitals and eliminate the needs for extended stays in rehabilitation facilities and hospitals.

Your parents deserve a life full of fun and happiness in their sunset days. You can ensure it by contacting a local home care provider in Ewell.

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