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There is a Chinese adage that the best time to plant a tree was two decades ago and the second best time arrives today. The same goes true if you are planning elderly home care for yourself.


Older British people are not comfortable with the idea of moving into an old age home in the last phase of their life. A home is where your family lives. One’s true happiness is to spend time with their loved ones.  These people need home care for few hours or round the clock at their home. They need trained and trusted caregivers to help them with household works, personal care and nursing services. As the number of baby boomers is to set up a new record by 2030, the needs for in-house elder care will continue increasing.


Not every local home care provider in Banstead demands a fortune for their service. Still, finance-conscious people with elderly home care service in their mind are looking for insurance plans that offer coverage for home-care benefits. There are mainly two ways to pay for elderly home care services – paying out of your pocket and availing government help.


Out-of-Pocket Expenses


For the most part, those receiving home care services pay out of their pockets. Many develop their care budget from different sources including,


  • Savings and Investments
  • Life Insurance Policies
  • Reverse Mortgage
  • Annuities


Reverse mortgage refers to a process of taking out a loan by mortgaging one’s house. Using one’s house to receive cash is not a very good idea. It may so happen that you will run out of equities but still need elderly care.


Government Help


If you cannot afford to pay out of your existing income sources or don’t have any insurance coverage for long-term elderly home care, a good option to bear your in-house care expenses is to apply for government help.


Is Home Care Service Very Expensive?


Usually not unless if you are opting for nursing care services at your home. That needs specially trained caregivers to look after the seniors. Their service is usually beneficial for seriously injured or ill people who abhor an extended stay in hospitals and favour in-house nursing care.


Many a local home care provider in Banstead provides such service. However, cost of hiring a trained caregiver varies from one agency to another and depends on several factors including skill and training of the caregiver, how long she is going to stay in your house and the nature of duties to be carried out.


How to Save on Elderly Home Care Expenses?


You can hire an independent caregiver or visit a home-health agency for the same purpose. The first option is cheaper than the second one. However, the second option though costlier, comes with a number of benefits. If you hire someone through an agency, you can be almost sure of the caregiver’s expertise, training and background.

When you hire a caregiver directly, you become an employer and that role comes with some responsibilities. With a private caregiver, you need to check everything to ensure that the person is ideal for your requirements.


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