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Taking complete care of elderly family members is not a child’s play. It involves rapt attention, heavy patience and most importantly, knowledge of elderly care. With remarkable advancement made in medical science, population of baby boomers is rapidly increasing and the trend will not change in remote future. A large section of the elderly population will need assistance – either intermittently or continuously – to manage their household chores and personal care. So, what option are you left with?


There are many options, with nursing facilities and assisted living homes being the most popular choices. However, the third option – local domiciliary care specialists in Epsom – is also receiving attention and popularity. There are three reasons to convince you why it could be a winning choice for the elderly and disabled.




Average cost of assisted residential facility is much less than what an individual is required to pay for more intensive round-the-clock care at nursing homes but more than annual expenses of local in-house care services. When you are entrusting a caregiving specialist with the task of taking care of your parents, you are paying for the caregiver’s service and not for the facility.


Private caregivers are a more cost-effective choice than hiring someone from an agency. Still, the second option makes a far better choice as quality of care should be more important even if it comes at little more expenses.


Familiar Ambience


Next to cost, it is familiar ambience that makes local domiciliary care specialists in Epsom the best choice for your ageing loved ones. In-home care services will not require the patients or elderly persons to adapt themselves to a new routine or a new living facility. As the ageing and/or disabled persons choose to receive elderly care in their own houses, it saddles them with no mental stress to cope with a stranger allowed to assist them with day-to-day activities.


People feel an emotional attachment with the house and place they have been living in for decades. They are familiar with the nook and cranny of the house. They will never have any confusion which is very common if they move into a residential care facility where everything and everyone are new and unfamiliar to them.


Less or no mental stress makes it more possible for the care recipients to adjust easily with the caregivers. Furthermore, familiarity with a certain ambience poses little risks of ‘trip and fall’ for the elderly persons.


Easier Transition


Many aging patients come in for shock if they are asked to move into an assisted living care facility. It can even cause a rift in their family as not all members are likely to accept the choice. On contrary, the idea of hiring local domiciliary care specialists in Epsom is most likely to receive a thumbs-up from all family members.




When it comes to elderly care and support, you have more than one option to go with. However, of all the options available, in-home care service is the least disruptive to the care recipients as well as the cheapest. 


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