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Whether you live with your parents under the same roof or stay miles aware from them, a constant worry about their health, happiness and needs becomes your big headache. What they need is constant companionship and care and it is never possible for you to ensure that whether you stay with your loved ones or away from them. So, what is the option for you? The answer is local care workers.


Home Care Services by Local Care Workers


If you live in Ewell, it’s important to assure that there are many local care workers in Ewell. These local care services are also known as non-medical home care services designed to provide personal assistance and support to the elderly people, injured individuals and seriously ill patients. In a word, these services are meant for those in need of personal care and assistance due to their physical disability or deformities. Such care facility is often very affordable.


Home care services include a wider variety of duties as follows:


  • Bathing
  • Dressing
  • Hair cleaning and combing
  • Home cleaning
  • Housekeeping
  • Laundry
  • Grocery shopping
  • Meal preparation
  • Medical appointments
  • Medication reminders
  • Taking for a walk
  • Companionship


In fact, there are more to what you see above. Local care workers even take your parents to a theatre, music concert, shopping malls, book fair, parties or simply to the houses of their friends, relatives and well-wishers.


Experienced and trained caregivers provide care and support wherever ‘your home is’. These local care workers in Ewell have specialized training in taking care of individuals with Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s. Make sure to verify if the agency is licensed and insured. Background checking is a must to ensure safety for seniors; after all, you are allowing some unknown persons into your home.


Paying for Care                                               


There is more than one way to pay for caregivers’ service. You can even pay it through long-term care insurance. Payment can be done for hourly basis, weekly or monthly. The amount to be paid for caregiving depends on type and frequency of service required.  

Home care services for people with low and fixed income are provided via local state agencies or different non-profit organizations. Though these agencies charge nothing for their home care services, they are unable to provide long-term care as not having enough staff is the biggest problem to meet the demand-supply gap.

Parting Words

Local home care services are very popular these days. With the globe becoming a global villa, many adults are now travelling other cities or abroad for studies or professional works. Seniors, therefore, live a lonely, boring and unhappy life at their home. Local care workers in Ewell are wonderful people to assist the seniors in doing whatever they want to but cannot.

A lot of consideration goes towards choosing the best and most reliable local caregivers for your ageing loved ones. Do some search and research to find someone who will understand your parents and take care of them in the best way possible.  

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