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Ageing is an unavoidable and irreversible process. Though natural, it takes a toll on one’s health. That is why, some senior citizens need some form of assistance in the sunset phase of their life. They face some difficulties in doing their everyday activities. The same happens to seriously ill patients as well as those who have just returned home after a surgery in hospital. Local care workers in Carshalton are professionals who have proper training, skill and patience to look after these people with great care.


These local workers provide homecare services. It means the elderly persons and seriously ill people don’t have to give up comfort of their home in order to stay at old age homes or receive care in nursing centres. In fact, everything can be arranged at their home, with local care services available at very reasonable rates. By hiring an honest, skilled and experienced local care worker, you will have a peace of mind that someone is at your home to take great care of your parents.


The local care workers provide service by themselves or work on behalf of agencies. Therefore, you can find the most suitable care workers via an agency or hire someone directly. If you have decided to hire local care workers in Carshalton to provide support, care and companionship to your parents, some important points are worth considering.


Evaluate Your Parents’ Needs


Even before you start searching for local caregivers, evaluate what your parents actually need. Here is a list to help you understand the type of needs and care your parents require:


Personal Care: Toileting, bathing, dressing, eating

Emotional Care: Conversation, companionship and meaningful activities

Household Care: Cleaning, cooking, shopping, laundry

Health Care: Physical therapy, physician’s appointment, medication management


When studying and assessing your options, make sure that you understand what matters most to your parents. Talk to them to know what they prefer instead of preparing a checklist of what you want for them. Open conversation and thorough assessment will help you evaluate their requirements and wishes. As a result, you will find it lot easier to hire local care workers in Carshalton, who are capable of fulfilling the specific requirements suggested by you and your parents.


Find the Right Candidate


Local caregiving agencies are mushrooming all over Carshalton. But not all of them are right for your purpose. So, how to find the right one? Here are some tips to follow:


  • Ask for referrals from your relatives, friends, neighbours, co-workers or other acquaintances. You may even request other caregivers for a referral.
  • Give an add at local library, recreation centre, adult day care centre or hospital, stating what you actually need for your parents or what your parents want for themselves.
  • You can even check with social work programs at local colleges for job placements.
  • Advertise on a local newspaper or website. Describe the nature of duties and job details. Also include your contact number and email address.


Last Words


Make sure to check if the local care workers in Carshalton, you have decided to hire, are licensed in the state. Trustworthiness is very important to ensure safety and security for seniors.


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