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Ageing seniors and seriously ill patients or injured persons often look for in-house care givers to assist them with bathing, feeding, getting dressed, cleaning, home maintenance and other important household works. Care services are provided by agencies or independent local care workers in Banstead.


Independent or private caregivers can also provide medical aides and care though it is not very common. Private caregivers usually provide more personal care to those who need such service.


Families, which hire a private caregiver, should accept all the responsibilities of being an employer. Alternatively, they can use a third-party service provider for payroll management. There are some stark differences between these two options of caregiving services. Let us compare them under different categories.


Cost of Caregiving


It is often argued that hiring a caregiving professional from a home care agency ensures far better quality service whereas by hiring an independent caregiver, you may end up saving 20-30% on monthly in-house care expenses.


Types of Care


Home care services are very broad in nature, ranging from simple assistance with daily activities to medical care, monitoring health problems and other specialized services. Medical caregivers have more specialized training as they are required to monitor patients’ health and check for symptoms. Non-medical aides are hired to provide assistance with instrumental duties of daily living, including housework, shopping, visiting doctors and running errands.


Both private caregivers and homecare agencies provide medical and non-medical care. However, when it comes to in-house medical care, it is tricky to locate independent caregivers who have professional training and license to carry out the outlined duties.


Ease of Hiring


Ease of hiring in-house local care workers in Banstead makes a huge difference while working with independent caregiver vs, a homecare agency. It won’t take you much of time to find a home care agency and check its background whereas the same are not so easier if you or your parents prefer independent caregivers. In fact, finding a reliable, trained and experienced caregiver is not an easy task and will take a lot of time on your part. 


Quality of Care


It is a common assumption that as care agencies adhere to the stringent licensing requirements to run their business, their service is much superior to what is provided by the independent caregivers. But that is not the case always. Not all agencies provide excellent care. Therefore, it is your responsibility to check for references and recommendations before contacting an agency for caregiving service.


Immediate Replacement


Another big difference between independent caregivers and care providing agencies is the latter will make an immediate replacement if the client is not happy with the kind of care provided by the in-house caregiver. That is not possible if a private caregiver is hired. Once the professional is fired, you have to take all the troubles once again to spot a suitable replacement.


What Makes a Better Choice?


Clearly, the agencies make a far better choice. However, don’t hire local care workers in Banstead from any agency; instead check for registration, insurance, experience, training of the caregivers and other details before hiring a professional to provide quality home care support to your parents.


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